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Trichy Thayumanavar(Lord Shiva) worship for safe delivery

In my previous post,  there was a hymn on Lord Shiva by Sambandhar for safe pregnancy. I was able to find the place and the history where that hymn was sung.

The song was sung in praise of Lord Thayumanavar( Lord Shiva) at Trichy, Tamil Nadu. Arulmigu Thayumanavar Swamy temple (Also Chevvandhinadhar) is situated on the Rock Fort. In the ROCKFORT there are two Vinayakar temples at the underneath of the rock MANIKKAVINAYAGAR temple and at the peak of the rock UCCHIPILLAIYAR  temple and in between there is a temple for LORD SIVA  is also known as THAYUMANVAR  It means the God who turned Mother.

The history behind THAYUMANVAR temple:

The temple on one side of the bank of the river Cauvery. There was a lady living on the other end of the bank.   She was an ardent devotee of the Lord and visited the temple and prayed Lord Shiva eeryday during her entire pregnancy. One day as she returned from the temple, she had her labor pains. There was flood in the Cauvery during that time and her mother couldn't cross the river and come to help her in her labor. The lady prayed Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva disguised as the lady's mother labored her a baby without any complications.
From then, on worshiping Thayumanavar, a lady can ensure safe delivery with the Lord's blessings.


Lord               -           Thayumana Swamy
Lordess          -           Mattuvar Kuzhali
Holy Water     -           Cauvery, Soma Rogani
Holy Tree        -           Vilvam
Agama            -           Kamiga Agama
The holy shrines of Lord Shiva sung in holy Tamil Compositions are 274 in number. Tiruchirapalli is one among them. It is on the banks of river Cauvery. Appar and Thirugnana sambandar has sung this deity in Thevaram. This temple’s presiding deity Lord ‘Thayumanavar’ (Chevanthinathar) is a self manifest Linga. It is the Fourth biggest Sivalinga in Tamil Nadu. The Godess here is ‘Mattuvar Kuzhal Ammai’ which means the long haired goddess wearing a garland of flowers imbued with honey . The temple is one among the few temples facing west.

Offerings to Trichy Thayumanavar:

Pregnant women and their husbands pray Lord Thayumanavar for a safe labor and offer Plantains to the God after delivering healthy baby.

One can see people carrying "Vazhaithaar" all the way up to the temple and after its offered to Thayumanavar, they distribute to other devotees in the temple.

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